Not Your Normal Easter Egg in Lancaster County


A giant egg may break records in Lancaster County!

Easter is on its way! There will be plenty of Easter activities around Lancaster, including some great Easter Egg Hunts! However, there is one egg in Lancaster County that no one would have trouble finding in an Easter egg hunt!

According to Lancaster Online, a couple in southern Lancaster County are now in possession of what may be a record breaking egg. Keith and Maryann’s hen Lucy laid that egg just a couple of days ago. The egg is 3.25 inches long, weighs 140 grams, and has topped the United States record of 107 grams which was set in California in 2010. The couple has sent in an application to challenge an egg in China for the world record that apparently was set at 201 grams.

Whether the egg breaks the world record or not, it is definitely a neat treat for a Lancaster couple right around Easter!

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