Rennovations to Rodney Park in Lancaster


Renovations are coming to Rodney Park.

Residents near Rodney Park are starting to get irritated. Their children are losing their opportunity to play at the Park because people who use the Rodney Senior Center have been parking their cars in the area of the park playground. However, the residents will not have to worry about this problem for much longer. According to Lancaster Online, the city will be proceeding with renovations to the park at Third, Rodney, and Crystal streets.

The renovations will eliminate the parking area, leaving only a few handicapped spots. This will allow for children to play whenever and wherever they want in the playground. The city will be creating a new parking area for the seniors at a parking lot half a block away, at 124 Crystal Street.

For more information on the renovation of Rodney Park and the acquisition of the new parking lot for the Rodney Senior Center, check out the article at Lancaster Online.

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